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Why BodylogicMD?

With 17 years of experience, we are one of the most established providers in Integrative Medicine. Be a pioneer in your practice by affiliating with us.

How does our partnership work?

We provide telemedicine-based wellness programs to your patients as an extension of your practice. Whether you have a general interest or aim to be fully trained in Integrative Medicine, you can customize our partnership to match your professional goals.

We invite you to become a BAN affiliate and experience why practitioners continue to place their trust in BodyLogicMD.


Our Integrative Wellness Programs

Offering this suite of programs lets you address your patient’s concern about weight loss, sexual wellness, hormonal balance, or wellbeing, ultimately expanding your services and revenue while differentiating your clinic. With telehealth and home testing options, your patients get the benefits of personal consultation and customized treatment.


Balance Pro

Address symptoms like loss of libido, memory problems and sleep issues by addressing possible hormonal imbalances. For men and women, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may help avoid weakened muscles and bones as well as cardiovascular health. 


Shape Pro

Patients may find it easier to meet their weight loss goals with our personalized combination of Dietician support, medication (customized based on lab results), and peptide-supported weight loss. 


Sexual Wellness

Your patients may be searching for ways to improve their sexual health. Our program can identify imbalances that may be improved by customized pharmaceuticals, helping both women and men to reclaim their sex life.


Performance Pro

As your patients notice changes in muscle mass, mental clarity, and sleep, the cause may be related to changes in hormone levels. Addressing hormonal health can help in areas like increasing energy and lean muscle, all through a personalized treatment plan.

Get a personal demonstration and details on the finances and operations.

We look forward to discussing your plans for your practice and exploring how our programs match your goals. In about 20 minutes we can walk through the details of working together as well as the financial and clinical benefit. Fill out the form to the right or call us at 561-285-3200.


Reviews from Our Patients

Sex drive is back
Life-changing experience starting hormone therapy, losing weight, gaining energy and MY SEX DRIVE is alive! This has been life-changing.

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