Joining the NutraLogic Program

Adding Supplements Without Adding Inventory

A Simple, Straightforward Process

Becoming part of the NutraLogics Program, is a simple process. In just four easy steps, your clinic can offer high-quality supplements that complement your patient’s wellness goals. With no inventory investment or extensive training, you can easily expand options for patients without expending financial or administrative resources.



Schedule a short conversation with your Account Manager.



Become a NutraLogic partner by signing the contract and completing the orientation



A welcome email series introduces your clients to your new supplement offering and allows them to conveniently purchase online



A monthly account summary details program activity, costs and collections, with the revenue balance sent to your business.

The Next Step to Partnership

Share your goals and learn more about what makes NutraLogics Partnership Program the ideal match for you.

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    Take THEIR Word for It

    Our credentials tell a story of quality and consistency. Then, we add even more proof by adding an external audit to our process.

    NutraLogic products are tested for potency, purity, and contaminants by an independent third party.

    We promise quality. And we prove it.

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